Sausage Making

The History

Ernesto DeNofa Sr. apprenticed for a butcher as a young man and became a true artisan of the trade; Angelina DeNofa grew up learning from her mother and father their family traditions and recipes for drying and curing meats. Together they perfected what is known today as DeNofa’s Homemade Sausage.

The Recipe

Well, we can’t tell you what the recipe is, but we can tell you that it came from the experimentation of Ernesto and Angelina. With Ernesto’s observations from butchering and Angelina’s mother’s recipes for dried sausage, sopressata, and capicola, they came together and began by creating a hot sausage as well as a sweet sausage

Types of Sausage

DeNofa’s started out with only a hot and sweet sausage. Today, we offer:

  • Traditional hot and sweet sausages
  • A mild to medium heat sausage with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone
  • Sweet sausage with fried green peppers and sharp provolone
  • Sweet sausage with fried hot peppers, broccoli rabe, and sharp provolone
  • Sweet sausage with fresh mozzarella and sautéed spinach

We have the ability and imagination to create varieties of sausages and continue to broaden our creations. Call us with your requests!